Thursday, April 21, 2011

Moving on to the third week; Giants Review

It is still way too early in the season to make any big conclusions about trends. Having admitted that, let me share some more observations. The celebrations are over… the rings have been handed out… the flag is flying in center field… we won the series with the Cardnials, we won the series with the Dodgers, we won the series with the D-Backs, and we won the first game with the Rockies. This is an excellent trend, and I am confident that it will continue.

First off, Lincecum’s and Sanchez’s wins against the rockies were stellar. The Giants’ bats are cracking in unison and runs are being scored. I still am a little concerned with the amount of talent they have. What I mean is the depth in the outfield. I wish that one of those good outfield hitters was shortstop, but I don’t always get what I want. I am really pulling for Belt and I like what I see, but as it turns out, I was right in the beginning, and he needs some more time in triple A. I am certain that he will be able to solve his batting challenges there and return to the giants for a very productive career.

Huff, Posey and Sandoval are on track to hit over 100 RBI’s each this year, and Sanchez, Burrell and Tejada are not far behind. I am really excited to see Aaron Rowand with such a hot bat and contributing to the scoring daily.

Here are some things that you can count on; Colorado will not continue at the .722 win percentage and the Giants will move closer to the .600 percentage mark. They have incredible offensive depth and great pitching… not to mention the fact that the Rockies have had a pretty easy schedule for the first part of their season. They have had seven of their games with the Mets and the Pirates… not a bastion of great pitching.

Cody Ross is back in the lineup and ready to go. I am still confident in my ninty-eight wins prediction, and we will see where we are at after 40 games

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