Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Observations from yesterday’s loss to the Dodgers:

The Giants are not off to a great start is an understatement, but still it is early in the season and I expect a change in fortunes for them; Having said that, I would like to mention a couple of observations that jump to the surface.

Madison Bumgarner is a self-confessed hot head. He has said that things going wrong can affect his game. This is probably true of all pitchers, but I have a hunch that it is a much bigger issue with Madison. This is something that he has to get under control if he is to have success in the big leagues. It’s almost as if word has spread amongst the umpires and they are testing him purposely. No, I am not accusing Jerry Davis of purposefully calling against Bumgarner with prejudice but, I think that he may have been conscious of his normally generis strike zone and altered it a tad. Hopefully, Bumgarner will not continue to allow his emotions to rule his head. That would be a shame.

Practically the whole line-up of the Giants are not hitting for some reason. First there is the possibility that they have mentally given Kershaw too much power over them. If they think they can’t hit him then, they will definitely not hit him. However it is not Kershaw alone. The Giants only have two hitters above the .300 mark, and Posey and Huff are not hitting that well. Certainly, they are not getting clutch hits and run rallies.  The truth is that even with Torres and Ross hurt they should be doing more damage than they are. They have to find a way to manufacture at least four to five runs a game.

Belt has to find a way to quit grounding out to second and striking out. I am sure that the pressure is great in his mind, but still he needs to calm down and perform. If we can get Posey, Huff and Sanchez hitting like Sandoval they will be unstoppable.

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