Monday, April 4, 2011

A time for patience not worry

Well, I too am not happy with the results of the opening series in Los Angeles. I cannot imagine a Giants fan that would be. However, at the risk of repeating tired cliché’s the season is not a sprint it is a marathon. I suppose that talk radio has to promote criticism to be considered interesting but, for me, too many fans are being way too critical. I still believe that when we get twenty to thirty games accomplished that the Giants will win six out of every ten. Six hundred ball is something that I am expecting from them this year. I also am confident that they will lead the western division and go into the playoffs.

I was wrong in my last post about Belt. He is definitely ready for prime time and, will be an excellent contributor this season both in the field and at the plate. One of the reasons for his low batting average this far is his great eye.  After all, his on base percentage is .353 and, he has contributed to the runs scored both by scoring and with RBI’s. I look for him to raise his batting average significantly but still, his good eye will make his average lower than it could be if he swung indiscriminately but, his on base record will be great and, RBI’s, home runs and, runs scored will be above average. His defense will be outstanding.

The defense and pitching will improve. It has not received much mention but, in reality the pitching was sub-par for all the games except for Matt Cain’s outing. I realize that it is the beginning of the season and skills and endurance are still being developed and honed. I would say that the pitching was equally culpable with the defensive mistakes. In fact, unlike other commentators, I would say that they could have won in spite of the defensive blunders if the pitching had been a little better. Again, let me point to Matt Cain’s effort.

It seems that the pressure of being defending world champs has played a large psychological role in the early games. Hopefully, they will recover from anxious nerves very soon and, settle in to be the Giants we saw last year.

Here are some things on my wish list:
  • Miguel Tejada, Pablo Sandoval and Andres Torres should swing a little less.
  • Brandon Belt should swing just a little more.
  • Burrell should spend a little more time on spray hitting and swing for the fence only on really good pitches
  • Freddie Sanchez; stay the way you are right now!
  • Aubrey Huff; don’t let the haters get to you.
  • Everyone; concentrate on the fundamentals.

All in all, it is going to be a great season!

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