Saturday, April 9, 2011

The torture is not gone yet!

Friday afternoon was a beautiful day for baseball… a fitting setting for the opener of the World Champion Giants. The program and festivities were excellent and there’s a great looking new flag flying in right center field. ATT Park was packed and the new, crisp white uniforms gleamed in the bright sunlight.  Slowly over this weekend series the pomp and circumstance will be put to rest and the season will begin to flow onward.

So with that, I have some questions. Do the Giants have too much talent for their own good? Here’s what I mean… you never really know these days who’s going to be clutch hitting hot. They have Huff, Torres, Burrell, Ross, and Rowand and only three fields to fill. All are contribuiting at times. I must say, that when Sheirholtz, Torres and Rowand were in the outfield toward the end of the torturous grueling overtime stint I felt much more comfortable defensively. And, Rowand ended up being the hero.

Much of my career was in marketing and sales and the old “what have you done for me lately” was the rule. Will that serve the Giants well this season? Or, will it cause the players to be depressed and out of sorts? Is it good to have a squad that is always wary of their playing status? How long does one tolerate a slump? I think that if there are always people in the lineup hitting in clutch situations it goes a long ways toward insuring high scoring games.

What a game though… it was cruising along toward a three to two finish and all of the sudden wham… it transformed into a tortuous nightmare. All I can say for the opening day was thank God that Aaron Rowand was still on the team! It will be fun to watch… never a dull moment but, will my hat survive all the slamming?

I think that over the season all of these questions will work themselves out, and I really do believe that we are better off with too much talent than not enough. At least if feels like I can settle in and allow the season to run its natural course. I am still hopeful and believe that maybe the season will not be quite as torturous as last year.

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